GoToMeeting is an online web based service that allows to organize meetings with different participants that may use different devices. You need to install a is an online service and standalone software alternative that allow users to share their screen with other people. Users can invite many persons to

Symantec pcAnywhere is another remote connection solution that allows to connect from one computer to another computer that is in a different location and perform

LastPass is a cross platform password management that works in all operating systems and smartphones. Basically, it is a browser plugin that offers to save

Bomgar is a software application that allows connections to remote computers from different locations. Those computers must have an internet connection. This application is useful

WinZip is a popular software that is able to compress file or files in order to make them smaller in size or keeping them in

Plivo is a great solution for those who want to build a business based on communication. Plivo comes with a voice API, that offers the is an online service that will make web URLs shorter. If there are complicated and long web addresses, when you want to share them

AES Crypt is a great solution for encrypting files in a secure way. It is available on multiple operating systems and it can be used

TeamViewer was created first time in 2005 in Germany. This alternative is one of the most popular and used remote access software that allows users

Originally made for Mac, MAMP is a similar program with XAMPP, that allows to setup a web server on your home computer, now available for

If you need to install some Linux images on an USB, Universal USB Installer is a great solution. Is a program that use Linux to