Database Management Category

Axisbase is a standalone application that can create and manage databases. it includes its own database, it may be a lighter alternative to FileMaker or

Microsoft Access or MS Access is a database software developed by Microsoft. This database has a visual interface and that makes it very easy to

LibreOffice – Base is an open source application, part of LibreOffice suite, that is similar with Microsoft Access. Is a database management interface that enable

Apache OpenOffice Base is a free alternative to MS Access that allows you to create or manage databases. It provides an interface (GUI) that makes

Glom is a software that helps you to design, create or edit a database. It provides advanced features and functions such as lookups, complex reports,

FileMaker is a database management solution that allows to create and manage simple or complex databases. For example, you can use it to manage contacts,

phpMyAdmin is a very popular tool that helps developers and site owners to interact with MySQL database in a friendly way. Is developed in PHP

MySQL Workbench is an application made to work with MySQL and manage this type of database easier. Includes a feature to visually design databases, useful

HeidiSQL is a tool to interact and manage MySQL and Microsoft SQL databases. You can administer SQL accounts, view running processes and terminate desired processes,

Chive is a tool that is made to help developers and server administrators to work easier with MySQL database. Is developed in PHP using MVC

Adminer is a management application to work with databases and supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, SQLLite, Oracle, MongoDb and more. Was designed to replace or

Toad for MySQL is an interface that increase productivity while working with MySQL databases. It allows to make and execute queries, compare and search objects,