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Google Hangouts is an instant messenger, video conference and remote tool that can run on different devices. Includes important features such as chat, screenshare, video

Ekiga is a video conference and instant messaging software that allows to organize online meetings and chat with people. Previously called GnomeMeeting, this program supports

Instant messenger with high quality audio and video backend. Skype is one of the most popular multimedia messengers and often is used for video conferences

Yahoo! Messenger is a chat and messenger for online communication. Can be used as online web service or standalone application. Allows to use emoticons, send

Meebo is an online messenger that allows use of different instant messengers from one single account. From Meebo you can manage other messengers such as

With Pidgin users can use different messenger accounts in a single one. If you are using multiple instant messengers, this application allows you to sign

Adium is an application for Mac computers and is developed on Cocoa. Is a multi messenger platform that allows use of multiple different instant messengers

Miranda IM is similar with Meebo and offers the possibility to use different instant messenger accounts such as AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo Messenger and more

manage all your instant messengers from a single application. This software is named Digsby and allows to use all your instant messengers from its interface.

This application is similar with Meebo and offers integration for different messenger services and applications in order to use all these applications from a single

WhatsApp Messenger is a mobile application designed for smartphones that can be used for chat, text and voice messaging, share pictures or location and more.