Monitoring Category

Datadog is a cloud-scale monitoring solution, that tracks your dynamic infrastructures. With the trust of EA or Pagerduty, Datadog brings many interesting features. It has

Nagios is an application that allows to monitor computers, servers, network and infrastructure. Is capable to send automatic alert in case of failure of different

OpenNMS is an open source software to monitor network infrastructure. It can monitor different services such as TCP, ICMP, HTTP, DHCP, DNS, FTP, SMTP, POP3,

Zenoss is a network management and monitoring solutions that allows system administrators to supervise the entire network ensuring availability and performance. Can monitor services, applications,

Munin is an open source NMS application that helps to manage and monitor network and guarantee the availability by detecting issues immediately. Is able to

Zabbix allows to monitor hardware and services for a network and stores data in a database. Can check SMTP, HTTP, ping, TCP, monitor processor’s load,

Spiceworks is an application that is designed for small businesses to monitor network infrastructure. It allows to monitor servers and cloud systems, check availability and