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Microsoft Expression Web is a WYSYWYG code editor for site owners or people who want to edit or create HTML pages or websites in an

Microsoft Office – FrontPage is a software made to edit easily HTML code and publish web pages easier. It has a WYSIWYG concept, you can

UltraEdit is a text editor designed to be a tool for programmers to write code with syntax highlighting and other useful features in almost any

Notepad++ is a very clean, simple and efficient code and text editor for Windows, with a large use, a reliable alternative to commercial or more

TextMate is a popular Mac text editor used by programmers to create or edit code in many programming languages. First time was released in 2004.

EditPlus is an editor for programmers and web coders that features a simple and easy to use interface, is oriented to increased efficiency with fewer

Sublime Text is a popular software that allows programmers to write their code easily. Either is a simple programming language such as HTML or a

With Komodo Edit can write code in almost any programming language. Its syntax highlighter supports HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby and more. Code is arranged

Bluefish Editor is an alternative for developers to create code and websites with a clean interface. Features a multiple tabbed interface, users can open hundreds

Aptana Studio is a tool for developers that needs to write code in various programming languages in an easy way. It supports all popular languages

PSPad is a reliable Dreamweaver for Windows users that allows to write code easily with syntax highlighting and many personalization options. Includes a FTP client,

Adobe Dreamweaver is a popular software to write or edit website code and supports various programming languages from HTML, CSS to PHP, ASP and many