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Sandboxie is a security solution for home and commercial use, that separates┬áprograms from your operating system to prevent all the changes that you don’t want

Cameyo is a solution that let you use software without installing it. You can try all kind of software and you can benefit from this

If you want a powerful tool that helps you to protect your computer, Shadow Defender is an easy to use and cheap solution. It works

Initially made by PowerQuest company, Partition Magic was one of the most popular software to manage hard disk space and create new partitions. This product

EaseUS Partition Master is a program similar with Partition Magic, but is free for personal use and offer more features. With this software you are

MiniTool Partition Wizard can be your default software to manage space on your hard disk. It offers plenty of features and is free for personal

Paragon Partition Manager is intended to be an equivalent of the more popular Partition Magic (now discontinued) and they offer a free version for personal

GParted is one of the best replacement for Partition Magic and other commercial software, since is available for all major operating systems. Is an open

Parted Magic is another program that will help you to create new partitions or manage your hard drives. Is running as a bootable media, after

MacPorts is an application that allows Mac users to install easily software packages on a Mac OS workstation. Product is developed since 2002 and users

Homebrew is a popular alternative for MacPorts, that is also open source. It is written in Ruby programming language. Product allows to install new packages

Fink is live since 2001 and is a program that allows to compile or install Unix based software packages on a Mac OS computer, in