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FreeCommander is the most important competitor and alternative for Total Commander. This tool is a manager of your files that will increase productivity and will

Double Commander is a software available for multiple operating systems, is similar with Total Commander and features some additional features. Users can use multiple tabs

Q-Dir is a program that helps users to manage and make their work with files easier. Is available as installer or portable application. It works

This program is a file manager that includes dual panels to view all files that you have to work with simultaneously. Is working with any

Far Manager is a file and archive manager, a program that helps users to work with folders, files and archives from a single application. View

With Beyond Compare you can compare different folders or files to view differences. After you analyze differences, you can perform different tasks such as synchronize

WinMerge is an application that can compare different folders and files and will find differences. Based on differences found, you can perform different actions in

Initially designed for Linux users, especially for developers, Meld is now available on Windows and mac. It can compare files, directories and includes support for

KDiff3 is a file comparison software that will detect differences between different folders and files that you want to compare. You can compare files from

DiffMerge will compare and merge files and folders on a computer. It analysis selected folders and will display all differences. Then you can merge files

This software, Diffuse, is designed to compare differences between content of text files. Made for developers to compare code written in 2 or more files,

Total Commander is an application made to manage files and folders across devices or single computers with enhanced productivity and multiple features. Users are able