Virtualization Category

Sandboxie is a security solution for home and commercial use, that separates┬áprograms from your operating system to prevent all the changes that you don’t want

Cameyo is a solution that let you use software without installing it. You can try all kind of software and you can benefit from this

If you want a powerful tool that helps you to protect your computer, Shadow Defender is an easy to use and cheap solution. It works

VMware Workstation is an application that allows to install multiple operating systems on the same computer. For example, if you install VMware Workstation on a

VirtualBox is a virtualization application that permits to install and use multiple operating systems, with all benefits and features, on a single computer. Is developed

VMware Player offers all important features like commercial version of VMware and is free for personal use. Users can install on the same computer multiple

QEMU is a virtualization software that enable to install many versions of an operating system on a single PC or different kind of operating systems

Parallels Desktop is a software for Mac that enables to install Windows operating system and run Windows applications on a Mac (Intel based processors). There