User Feedback Category

Zendesk is a customer management and support solution that offers a ready to use platform to respond to your customer’s questions and issues. You can

UserVoice is an online service where customers or your users can give feedback or submit their problems. Allows to create your own forum or a

UseResponse is an open source application that can be hosted by you or use it as online service and allows to get feedback from your

Get Satisfaction is a popular service that allows website owners to offer a modern customer support and help service. Allows to create a community and

Freshdesk is an online customer service solution that allows to interact with customers and resolve their issues fast. Includes a ticketing system where issues can

UserEcho offers a solution to provide customer support at high standards. Instead developing a customer support application for your company, use a ready solution to

Google Moderator is an online service that allows you to get feedback from your users. You can propose different topics and they can vote and

UserRules is a feedback management system that enable business owners to offer online support and solve issues that their customers may have. Create forums with