Hotspot Shield

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Hotspot Shield is a desktop program and a mobile application that allows to change your IP address and access sites and online services without worry about privacy issues.

This program creates an encrypted connection between your computer and Hotspot Shield server and you will access the Internet through their servers. So, your internet connection will be passed through their server, where your details are encrypted and IP changed.

Using this program will allow you to access country restricted sites because you will get an United States IP address, you can bypass firewalls from your network, surf the web anonymously without real details (IP and country) revealed.

Is useful to use it if you want to have a higher level of privacy while using internet, this VPN program is encrypting data transferred from your computer to internet sites and that brings more security. Your data cannot be tracked by others.

Was released first time in 2005 by an US company and it has a large number of users. Is working also with WiFi connections.

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