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Quickoffice was a standalone mobile application designed to create, open and edit Microsoft Office documents. Now is property of Google and is included in many Android devices. Also can be installed separately from Google Play or iTunes and it works on Android, iPhone and iPad.

Users are able to open and read or create and edit rich text documents, format colors and styles, insert tables and charts, images; allows to create Excel spreadsheets and work with numbers, also you can make presentations and slides using templates from application’s database, insert functions, drawings, shapes and more.

This app is similar with Google Docs, but is designed especially for tablets and smartphones.

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Open Source
LibreOffice is a software package similar with Microsoft Office and can be considered a replacement…
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Open Source
Apache OpenOffice is a free suite of programs that contains different applications to make different…
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Free (with limits)
SoftMaker Office is a program made by a German company and is intended to be…
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Microsoft Office is a popular software to create and edit different types of documents. Is…
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Open Source
Calligra Suite is a free and open source alternative for Microsoft office that is capable…
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