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Zim is a program to organize ideas and words. Basically, is a text editor that is capable to save and organize your notes. Is useful to wrote ideas from a brainstorm, take notes during a course, presentation or meeting, write and work on drafts or prepare documents such as emails or a trip plan.

Users can organize notes in different categories, assign a date and browse notes by specific date, insert links or images.

There are all text formatting functions that you may require from an application like this: bold, italic, highlight with color or make lists.

Allows to organize each note hierarchically to be easier to read or to edit it quickly where is necessary.

Supports tags and can search or filter through notes by name, sort by date, priority number etc.

Also includes an equation and a diagram editors that makes easier to wrote mathematical furmula which can be useful for students or teachers. These are features that cannot be found on similar software such as OneNote.

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