AES Crypt

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AES Crypt is a great solution for encrypting files in a secure way. It is available on multiple operating systems and it can be used by almost anyone, without cryptography knowledge. For example, Windows users should only right click on a file, enter a password and wait for AES Crypt to do its magic.

It’s easy for Mac users also, to use AES Crypt in an efficient way.

Even Java and C# developers can use AES Crypt for encrypting, based on a big library available in these programming languages.

The most important thing about AES Crypt is the fact that is completly free, even it’s one of the most powerful tool.┬áIt use a 256-bit encryption algorithm and it’s efficient on every file, even on the most sensitive ones. If you have sensitive information in your personal computer, AES Crypt is the perfect solution for you.

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Open Source
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