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Cryptomator is a great client-side encryption that comes without any costs and many super features. You don’t need registration, money or knowledge, you can just

AES Crypt is a great solution for encrypting files in a secure way. It is available on multiple operating systems and it can be used

Datadog is a cloud-scale monitoring solution, that tracks your dynamic infrastructures. With the trust of EA or Pagerduty, Datadog brings many interesting features. It has

YOPmail is a great solution for those who don’t want spam on their mail. Free, quick and secure, it’s a disposable email address that you can

Sandboxie is a security solution for home and commercial use, that separates programs from your operating system to prevent all the changes that you don’t want

Cameyo is a solution that let you use software without installing it. You can try all kind of software and you can benefit from this

If you want a powerful tool that helps you to protect your computer, Shadow Defender is an easy to use and cheap solution. It works

If you want your videos to be unique and interesting, this is a great tool that brings thousands of effects for every recording you make. Your

CamTwist Studio is a free tool that helps you turn your Mac into a television. It comes with lots of features giving you the opportunity

SplitCam is a software that gives you the opportunity to use your camera in several programs in the same time, to add some cool effects and

If you want to broadcast over the Internet and you run a GNU or Linux operating system, Webcam Studio is a multifeatured software, that can

Webcamoid is a webcam suite with lots of features and a great flexibility. You can use it on almost every platform and find lots of