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AMPPS is a development environment, a web server that enable users to code web applications on their computer using PHP.

This program is installing Apache, MySQL, MongoDB, PHP, Perl and Python and you will be able to code, test and debug applications written in these programming languages.

AMPPS is made by Softaculous, that also created Webuzo, similar with the popular CPanel interface to manage websites, subdomains, tweak configurations etc.

This tool allows to create and interact with multiple MySQL databases, install different content management systems like WordPress, Joomla etc., access root configurations and settings for each module.

It can be a great Wamp alternative or a possible replacement for MAMP.

Interface is simple and intuitive, you can start, stop or restart easily any of available services, provide shortcuts to access with a single click configuration file, access and error log files for Apache, MySQL, PHP. Also, you can restore default configuration with a single click. As FTP server is using Filezilla.

You can switch between different PHP versions or check what PHP extensions to load or not.

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