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GoToMeeting is an online web based service that allows to organize meetings with different participants that may use different devices. You need to install a

Cisco WebEx is a web service for online meetings and and collaboration. WebEx has been acquired since 2007 by Cisco company. You can invite other

Mikogo is a desktop and mobile program that enable users to communicate with others. Users are able to share or view computer desktops with other

QuickBooks is an accounting solution for small businesses. Is available as online service or software to install on your computer. It allows to manage finances

GnuCash is a standalone software that runs on all major operating systems and allows to keep accounting in house. Is able to track income and is an online service, also available as application for smartphones, that offers for free an accounting platform for small business owners. Is available only

Quicken is a personal accounting and money management software and is made for citizens of United States and Canada. It offers different packages that allows

billfaster is a service that enable users to manage their financial accounts, create and send invoices, use an inventory system, track expenses and view reports.

Harvest is an online invoicing system that enables business owners to create and send invoices and receive payments from clients. You can add estimates to

On FreshBooks you can keep accounting and generate invoices easily. This service is very popular and is used by small and medium business owners. You

Invoicera is an online invoicing service that allows to create invoices, send or accept payments anywhere in the World. Allows to customize invoices, add clients

Nutcache is another service that allows to create online invoices, manage expenses and payments, bill project expenses to clients. It has time management features that