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Google Keep is a note taking application developed by Google, that also includes a reminder. Is a possible substitute for popular products like Evernote. Users

Dexpot is a powerful program to manage multiple desktop profiles. It can be used to create different desktop profiles and switch easily between them. For

UltraMon is a software application that increase productivity while using multiple monitors. A computer may have 2 or more monitors attached and users can view

ZBar is an utility to help those that are using more than one monitor with a single PC. If you are using 2 or more

This program adds a taskbar on each monitor that you are using. In case you use multiple monitors with a single computer, this program enable

DisplayFusion will manage your dual monitors. Either you have multiple monitors or projectors, this program enhance the management and productivity for multiple monitors. Add separate

This program will manage your multiple monitors, how they are used and adding personalizations for each of them. With this tool users move easier windows

Stardock Fences will help to organize better your desktop icons and improve the productivity. If you have a large number of icons on your desktop,

With Nimi Places you can organize icons on your desktop as you want. Group them in fences or separate sections. Can assign different labels for

Organize desktop items in tabs with ViPad. It supports drag&drop to easily arrange and move icons in any position you want. It creates multiple pages

ScreenRes is a small and simple utility that allow to save current position of icons from your desktop and restore it later if their positions

Folderview Screenlet is designed for Linux users and allows to organize all icons from desktop in separate fences, as you need. Get rid of time