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Maxthon is a browser made by a Chinese company, being released first time in 2003. It has a large number of users, it has millions

Puffin Web Browser is an application for smartphones that allows to view and use multimedia content like Flash games or videos and display or render

Photon Web Browser is a complete web browser for iPhone, iPad and Android that supports Flash files. many browsers, such as iPad default one, does

Dolphin is one of the first competitors in browser’s market for smartphones and tablet devices. Is free, available for major mobile operating systems and offers

Google Chrome has been launched first time in 2008 on a market dominated by Internet Explorer and Firefox. Quickly has become the most used web

Safari is the default application designed to search and surf internet web pages on iOS devices. Is available for desktops and and mobile devices (iPhone,

Firefox is a popular web browser, launched first time in 2002. It is a a popular tool to browse the web, it supports thousands of

Internet Explorer is the default browser included in any Windows operating system. Is developed by Microsoft since 1995. Latest versions features a tabbed interface, users

Opera is a web browser developed by a company from Norway since 1994. It features a modern interface, and pages are loaded fast. This browser