File Sharing Category

LimeWire is a popular file sharing program that enable users to share or search content over the Internet through P2P and Bittorrent protocols. This technology

FrostWire is a software that allows to share or search and download different kind of files through Internet. Is a bittorrent client that includes a

uTorrent is a very popular Bittorrent client, one of the best replacement or alternative for Limewire. It has a simple and intuitive interface, is easy

Miro is a music and video player that also allows to download torrent files. It has many features being a multimedia player, bittorrent client and

eMule is a software developed since 2002, available only for Windows, that allows to search and download content from the Internet. It uses peer to

Vuze has started as Azureus project in 2003 and now it has a large number of users due its easy use and great quality. It