Internet Access Category

NetStumbler (Network Stumbler) is a wireless detector that scans and displays all available WiFi internet hotspots in your area. You can scan for Wireless Local

inSSIDer displays all information you need for all Wi-Fi connections that are visible in your area. You can filter results from the list by SSID

NetSpot is designed for mac users that want to scan all WiFi connections in an area and find/sort them as needed. Is measuring signal strength,

KisMAC is an application for Mac OS that scans networks to find all internet connections available. Is useful to detect quality WiFi connections prior to

Kismet is a network scanner to identify all internet connections available in that area. Also can be used as tool for intrusion detection (other people

WeFi is an internet connection manager that scans and find all available networks. Is an interface to find and choose quickly the best WiFi connection

iStumbler displays data about Wi-Fi connections available for you. It shows details for each connection found: name, strength level (graphical and number), noise, channel, frequency,

MyWi is transforming your iPhone or iPad device in an internet provider instantly (wireless hotspot). If you have an internet connection via cellular data on

PdaNet is a small alternative application that instantly turn your mobile device into a internet wireless hotspot (internet source for other devices). Once you have

This application is designed for Android users and allows to activate or enable tethering (enable hotspot or turn your mobile device in a WiFi internet

TetherMe is an iOS application designed for iPhone 4, 4S or newest or for iPad tablets that turn on tethering/personal hotspot on your device. In