Password Managers Category

1Password (OnePassword) is designed to help to manage and store your passwords easily. Users can keep their passwords in a secure environment and use them

KeePass is a password manager that helps to keep all passwords in a safe environment and access all of them using a master password or

KeePassX is a software app that save your sensitive data, mainly passwords, in an application that is protected with a master password. All passwords stored

Clipperz is an online service that stores your passwords in a secure environment. Users simply creates a username and a master password (passphrase) and access

Universal Password Manager is a cross platform application that stores passwords in a secure environment. Add all your passwords into this application and access it

LastPass is a cross platform password management that works in all operating systems and smartphones. Basically, it is a browser plugin that offers to save

With RoboForm application you have a password manager and don’t need to remember any password because this application will make it for you. Is not