Backup Category

Macrium Reflect is a software that enables you to make copies or clones of a hard drive.   Is a competitor of more popular programs

Clonezilla is a tool to clone or make backup or a hard drive. Users can make exact copies (clones) or save as backup file a

DriveImage XML is an utility to create perfect copies of an entire hard disk or of specific hard drive partitions. These copies can be made

Norton Ghost is a popular program to backup hard disks and copy or clone hard drives or partitions. Often it may happen that a computer

Acronis True Image is a popular software that makes all types of backups for a computer: files, folders, partitions or entire hard disk. Useful to

This is an user friendly and easy to use program that makes backups and recoveries for personal computers. You can backup partition with operating system

This is a free backup program made by Comodo company. It is a free tool that allows to make regular, incremental or differential backups for

This tool made by Redo is made to be used with simplicity by anyone. Is able to backup your entire computer and restore it easily

SuperDuper is a solution for Mac computers that makes backups for entire operating system. Instead spending time reinstalling Mac OS, with this tool you are

Carbon Copy Cloner or CCC is an application that allows to backup and reinstall your Mac computer with a few clicks. It saves time because

Dropbox is a storage service that allow users to upload their files and share or synchronize files from local computer on Dropbox secure and private

This is an online cloud storage offered by Google and is similar with Dropbox, but offers more storage plans. Users can use Google Drive to