Uninstallers Category

AppZapper it helps to uninstall applications from Mac computers very easy. Just drag the file over the Trash icon and all files related to that

AppCleaner was made to simplify and to make uninstall process more precise, faster and reliable. With drag and drop you add applications that you want

AppRemover will remove some categories of software from your computer. Often some programs are difficult to uninstall. This application is a good alternative to easily

AppTrap it removes or uninstall desired applications from Mac computers. This application also remove the preferences related to that program, from your system. You will

Revo Uninstaller is an alternative for Windows Add/Remove programs, but with some improvements. Sometime Windows cannot uninstall a program and gives an error. This application

IObit Uninstaller will remove programs from Windows computer. If you get errors while trying to remove a program, this tool features a forced uninstall option

GeekUninstaller is an alternative to uninstall programs from your computer. It has a simply to use interface and users can remove programs that gives errors

This software provides a list with all programs installed on your Windows computer and allows you to uninstall desired items from the list. It shows