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Sendible helps to manage social networks and can be integrated with other analytics services. You can manage popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

Ajenti is an application for server management. Useful for those who have websites and need a solution to manage Linux and all aspects of a

HootSuite is a platform or dashboard where you can manage multiple social media accounts and/or services. Instead login to each social media account, add them

Buffer can manage all your social profiles. Add popular networks such as Facebook, Twitter and schedule your posts. You can schedule posts at desired day

Manage multiple Twitter accounts with TweetDeck. This application is developed since 2008 and allows you customize interface in order to manage multiple Twitter accounts with

SocialOomph is another service that allows to add multiple social media accounts and manage them from a single interface. They offer a free version with

Sprout Social is a high quality dashboard management for social profiles, with advanced analytics reports. Add multiple social accounts, schedule your posts and read all

Plesk is the main competitor of CPanel and is a commercial application that works on Linux and Windows servers. Initially named Plesk, was renamed as

ISPConfig is a completely free alternative to cPanel and enable webmasters to manage server and websites. You can manage one or many servers from a

DirectAdmin is a reliable and cheaper alternative for cPanel and allows users to manage webservers and sites. It has a large number of users, is

Webuzo is a control panel that helps to add domains and manage servers. You can easily install hundreds of applications with a single click and

cPanel is an application designed to help website owners to manage their websites, servers and databases. Is an interface that makes work and interaction with