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Plivo is a great solution for those who want to build a business based on communication. Plivo comes with a voice API, that offers the

Your Universal Multiboot Installer, aka YUMI, is a simple solutio for those who want to create a Multi Bootable USB drive with multiple programs on

ManyCam is a software that makes your webcam easier to use and very flexible. You can use this software to record and broadcast your live

If you want to install a new operating system, no matter is Ubuntu or Linux, you don’t need to burn a CD, any more. You can

Rufus is a software that gives you lot of help if you want to format and to create bootable USB drives. You can use it

If you ever wanted to burn images on USB drives and SD cards in a safe and easy way, Etcher is the perfect solution for

If you need to install some Linux images on an USB, Universal USB Installer is a great solution. Is a program that use Linux to

If you ever wanted to try Linux, LinuxLive USB Creator gives you this opportunity. It is a powerful program that creates portable and bootable USB

WinToFlash is a real wizard that makes bootable USB for those who want to install an operating system without the need for a CD or

If you love words and you also love design, wordle combines both of your passion in a simple toy. With Wordle you can generate ”

If you want to generate word clouds, Wordcram is the perfect program for this. Easy to use, beautiful and flexible, it lets you the liberty

Kumo is a simple and easy program that helps you to generate beautiful Word Clouds. It will generate an image file and have many interesting