35 million songs,  possibility to play them offline and many interesting features that you will love. Google play is one of the most interesting app for

Everyone has his own way of listening to music. Maybe you love rock, maybe you love dance music or classical music. Pandora is an app that

Sometimes, your information on your computer is not as secure as you think of. That’s why you need this program. A better version of PeerGuardian 2,

For those who want a better security for their computer, this program is a privacy oriented firewall application. With PeerGuardian you can block any connections

There are many ways to block an unwanted IP address. If you want to do it in a professional way, BeeThink IP blocker is the best

This is a tool used to filter thousands of IP-Address ranges. With IPlist you can block connections to a range of hosts or from a

iExplorer is an intelligent way to manage all the content you have on iPhone, on iPod and iPad. You can transfer music to iTunes in

If you want a great solution for managing all your tools on iPhone, iPad and iPod, this is a free and efficient app. All your

iFile is an application for iPad and iPhone that comes with lots of interesting features. It has an integrated file browser with support for creating

Every smartphone should have this app installed because it is a great solution for good management. You can use it on iOS and also on Android

Your messages, your voicemails and your every data on your iPhone or on your iPad are very important. That’s why PhoneView is a great application.

If you have an iPhone, an iPad or an iPod touch, you just found the easiest way to manage all the files on it. iMazing