Audio Category

GarageBand is an application that allows users to create and mix music. Includes many types of instruments and you can play with them then record

Reason is a complete software to produce music. You can connect different instruments and record them through this program, add drums, live effects, loop players,

Cubase is a DAW program, similar with FL Studio, that makes audio production easier. You can record, mix and edit audio files and songs. It

Studio One is a DAW program to create, edit and record all kind of music. Is built for professionals musicians or sound engineers, but can

With Rosegarden you can create and edit music of different audio files. IS a DAW software for Linux operating system and can be considered an

Ardour is a free program to record, edit, mix and compose/create music and sounds. Is available for Mac and Linux, it offers a multitude of

FL Studio or Fruity Loops Studio is a music production software that offers a wide range of editing and music creation tools for professionals and

LMMS (MultiMedia Studio) is a free Fruity Loops alternative and allows Windows and Linux users to create their own music by providing an user friendly

AIMP is a popular and high quality audio player that is similar with Winamp, but it has a modern design and some additional features. Is

XMPlay is an audio player that allows to play easily in a nice interface any type of audio file. You can listen your favorite songs

Clementine is an open source music player that works on different operating systems and platforms. Users can play music from local computer or listen internet

Amarok is a popular audio player developed since 2003 and available for all major platforms. It has a large number of users, includes different skins