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FL Studio or Fruity Loops Studio is a music production software that offers a wide range of editing and music creation tools for professionals and beginners.

First time was developed in 1997 and now has a large popularity, being used by musicians, DJs and people that like to create and experiment with music.

Is a digital audio workstation (DWA), is a program that allows to record, mix, edit and compose high quality music. It supports different plugins to be installed, includes a lot of ready to use tools, effects, playlists. Includes many synthesizers and emulators to create sounds like different instruments.

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Open Source
LMMS (MultiMedia Studio) is a free Fruity Loops alternative and allows Windows and Linux users…
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Open Source
Ardour is a free program to record, edit, mix and compose/create music and sounds. Is…
Linux Mac
GarageBand is an application that allows users to create and mix music. Includes many types…
iPad iPhone Mac
Reason is a complete software to produce music. You can connect different instruments and record…
Mac Windows
Cubase is a DAW program, similar with FL Studio, that makes audio production easier. You…
Mac Windows
Studio One is a DAW program to create, edit and record all kind of music.…
Mac Windows
Open Source
With Rosegarden you can create and edit music of different audio files. IS a DAW…