Telnet/SSH Category

mRemote is an open source program that is intended to manage all your remote connections to servers or other computers through Telnet, SSH, VNC or

mRemoteNG is an improved version of mRemote and has additional features. Also, it fixes some bugs that was present in mRemote.   Can create and

Poderosa is an open source program developed since 2001 and is equivalent with PuTTy being a terminal emulator that allows Telnet, SSH or Cygwin connections.

PuTTY is a small application that allow users to connect to servers via telnet or SSH protocols and execute commands through a command line interface.

KiTTY is another solution for telnet and SSH connections, is based on PuTTY and looks similar, but offers some additional features. Support all protocols like

Remmina is a Linux application that can be used as client to connect to other computers through different protocols such as SSH, VNC, RDP and

PuTTY Tray is a portable software that is based on PuTTy code, but has some additional features. Sessions are supporting more connection types such as

Bitvise SSH Client can connect to remote servers through SSH protocols and run console commands on remote machine. it supports port forwarding via SSH2, tunneling

SecureCRT is a terminal client that allows to securely connect to remote servers, data tunneling and file transfer. Includes a tabbed interface, supports many protocols