Programming Language Category

C is one of the oldest and popular programming languages released in 1972. A lot of other popular programming languages has inspired and used concepts

Python is a programming language aimed to be easy to learn. First time was released in 1991 and is influenced by C++, Java, Perl and


PHP is a very popular programming language manly used to develop websites. Was launched in 1995 and today millions of websites and applications are made

Perl is developed since 1987 and it looks similar with C. Is used often to write CGI scripts (interface between server and other scripts). Includes

Ruby is a general programming language that was influenced by Perl. Is an object oriented, but also dynamic and reflective language. Ruby and Ruby on

Java is a programming language that uses a virtual machine to execute code and other computer programs. Applications made with this program does not need

JavaScript is a programming language launched in 1995 and is influenced by C. Often is used from browser’s built-in code, but also is used on


C++ (C Plus Plus) was released first time in 1983 and is a compiled programming language that is object oriented. It has a large popularity