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Flickr is an online service provided by Yahoo that allows to upload, organize and share your pictures and videos. This website was acquired by Yahoo

Minus is an image hosting service that allows you to upload your personal images and keep them private or share with other people. Also, can

Zendesk is a customer management and support solution that offers a ready to use platform to respond to your customer’s questions and issues. You can

Tumblr is a social and microblogging platform where people can make their own blog or online space and post all kind of content. Also, it

Path is social network that is focused mostly on mobile devices. Is similar with Facebook and users can create a circle with friends, share posts,

Facebook is the most popular social network where millions of users share data and interact with people. It was launched in 2004 and had a

Google Plus is another service provided by Google, launched in 2011, after a few years of Facebook’s growth. Is a social network where you can

Twitter is an innovative social network launched in 2004 where users can send or read “tweets” that are limited to 140 characters. Basically, users are

Myspace is one of the first popular social networks and was launched in 2003. This network is focused on music and multimedia content, users can

Freshdesk is an online customer service solution that allows to interact with customers and resolve their issues fast. Includes a ticketing system where issues can

UserEcho offers a solution to provide customer support at high standards. Instead developing a customer support application for your company, use a ready solution to

Google Moderator is an online service that allows you to get feedback from your users. You can propose different topics and they can vote and