Adobe Flash Professional

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Adobe Flash Professional is a program that creates animations and multimedia applications such as online games. usually, this type of content can be played in browsers through Flash Player or Adobe Air.

It is a vector based application and can be used to create simple applications or complex ones that may interact with a database. It supports creation of audio and video content, applications made in Adobe Flash can interact with users (mouse, keyboard, webcam).

It supports frames, it has an advanced interface with multiple functionalities and a built in code editor.

Includes drawing tools and different shapes that you can use to draw things on workspace.

Note: Adobe Flash (Professional) is used by developers to create multimedia applications, if you are searching alternatives only to display Flash content in your browser, then go to Adobe Flash Player page. Adobe Flash and Adobe Flash Player are 2 different programs, one is to create apps and the second one is to display apps (online games, videos).

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