SWiSH Max is a competitor of Adobe Flash and can be used to create animations and multimedia applications based on Flash technology.

Includes many ready to use templates that will make your work easier, you can add images, videos, sound etc. and apply different filters, use vector shapes.

Tools that are available can create different shapes, add text and customize it, draw different lines and shapes; use guides and grids for quick and perfect alignment within layout, add Bezier shapes and convert to motion path.

Supports frames, users can add or remove easily every object or frame, allows to preview animations and change settings quickly.

Can import many types of files (audio, video, text) and you can export your project or work to SWF, AVI, animated GIF, PNG and more. Also, you can generate entire HTML code needed to copy/paste on a live website or a HTML page.

Other features includes code editor with syntax highlighting and a debugger to identify any error.

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Open Source
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