Multimedia Category

TVersity is a media server application that will make content from laptop/computer to be displayed or viewed on another devices such as TV, PSP, PS3,

Universal Media Server is an app that streams content from PC to other devices (compliant with DLNA and UPnP). Users can display their content on

Originally made just for Playstation 3, PS3 Media Server is compatible with many other modern devices. Is capable to stream content from one device to

Serviio is a popular software that allows to display or stream multimedia content to another devices. Using this app will enable to display video files,

Plex Media Server it helps to display multimedia content (videos, pictures, music) on other devices such as home cinema, DVD/Blu-ray players, TV, gaming consoles, mobile

MediaTomb is a streaming media server made for Linux and Mac operating systems and enable to display content (video, audio ..) directly on other devices