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Drawplus by Serif is a program that provides a variety of tools to create vector graphics. Users can draw, paint, edit or design all types

CorelDRAW is a software to create different types of layouts and illustrations and is based on vectors. It can be used to create graphics from

Xara Xtreme (XL) is a vector editor and creator that allows graphic designers to create different layouts, objects, logo etc. using scalable vectors technique. Program

Skencil is a graphic program that allows you to create vector based graphic files in Linux. Includes a lot of drawing tools to make different

SVG-Edit is an online application that allows to open or create graphics using SVG file types. Is made in JavaScript and doesn’t requires any server

Adobe Illustrator is a software for professional designers and is intended to create and edit vector graphics. Unlike Photoshop, Illustrator can create, open or edit

Inkscape is a software available for all major operating systems, is similar with Illustrator and offers complete package for creation of vector graphics (SVG). Was

Photoshop is a professional software for web design and image editing. For the first time was released in 1990 as Photoshop 1.0 and since today

GIMP is an image manipulation and editor program that was released first time in 1996 in U.S. is an open source program available for all

If you like the menu of Photoshop and you use open source alternative GIMP, the program that combines GIMP functionalities but with “Photoshop like” menu