K9 Web Protection

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K9 Web Protection is a free application for personal use that enables users to filter internet content and restrict children access to internet in order to protect them against inappropriate content.

Children can access content that is not recommended for their age and may be harmful through different banners or links or even searching for words that may have heard.

Program allows to block different categories of content (adult, gambling etc.) and forbid access to certain sites.

Some web sites, even those that are safe for children, may be hacked and inappropriate content or links may be posted. K9 Web Protection is an excellent replacement or equivalent for programs like Net Nanny that is blocking in real time malicious sites.

Includes levels already preset to block sites based on children age, automatically enables “Safe search” that allows to not be displayed adult images in search engines like Yahoo, Bing. Restrict or allow internet access only in specified intervals.

Parents are able to view different reports about kid’s activity on internet.

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