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Norton Online Family is a parental control and web filtering application that runs on cloud servers. Parent need to create an account on Norton website and add profiles for their children. Then download and install a small application on each device that you want to control or monitor (computer, mobile phone etc.). This installed software will communicate with your online Norton account where you can view statistics and set different filters and rules.

Norton Family allows to block different categories of sites (file sharing, mature content, violence and many more). Includes presets profiles easy to set with one click, these profiles are created depending on children age (under 8, between 8 and 11, 12 and 14, or teen).

You can choose to block completely access, give a warning and allow kid to use site or monitor all and let children to surf internet freely (you will see reports later about what they are visiting).

Is a great alternative for Net Nanny and other similar applications, easy to customize and manage through an internet based interface.
Other features includes social networks monitoring (Facebook, Twitter etc.), searches in Bing, Google or other search engines, allow children to use internet only in specified hourly and days intervals or receive email alerts.
For the above features this application is free and they offer some additional features for a paid upgrade: monitor video watched, text messages from mobile phones and more detailed reports.

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