Net Nanny

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Net Nanny is a software application that is designed to protect children while using the Internet. On the net are available all kind of dta, even illegal. Kids may read inappropriate content through different banners, hacked sites that displays malicious links or pictures or simply navigate by mistake to web pages that are not advised to be read at a certain age.

This program includes an internet filter to block access to certain types of sites based on words and categories (adult, provocative, dating etc.). Also prevents access and detects in real time adult content that may be displayed.

With Net Nanny parental control you can allow internet access to your children only in specified intervals (hours of a day).

Monitor activities on social networks (Facebook, Tumblr etc.) such as text, video or pictures. Also allows to see the list of friends of your kid.

Alerts option allows to be instantly notified by email or SMS when an inappropriate activity is detected on social networks.

Allows to connect remotely from other locations (for example, for work) and see reports and statistics on Net Nanny interface from home.

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